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Going on a cruise

Travel broadens the mind, says Hyacinth Wellington from the Senior Citizens’ Media Group.

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Poem: Ageism, let’s reflect

A poem by Sarah Salem, Connect Hackney volunteer

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Mainly in the plane: Walter's story

Aeroplanes have played a huge part in the life of one schoolboy turned RAF airman... By Walter Horton, Senior Citizens’ Media Group 

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We are what we eat

You can eat your "5 a day" as a nice tasty smoothy, writes Kathryn Ware from the Senior Citizen's Media Group, who offers some juicy tips for taking on more fruit and veg

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Anyone can be a volunteer

Gubsie Agolia-Aspinall, from the Connect Hackney Senior Citizens' Media Group, explains how volunteering has become an important part of her life, and encourages other older people to get involved

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Volunteering is for me: visiting lonely people

Andreas Kyriacou from the Senior Citizens' Media Group gives a personal account of how he became a volunteer in the local community, offering company and support to people who are lonely or isolated

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Get to know... Men vs Cancer

Men vs Cancer is a support group run by St Joseph's Hospice. Laurie Allen, from our Senior Citizens' Media Group reports

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Travel difficulties for pensioners in Hackney

Hackney's older residents can get a Freedom Pass for public transport when they reach the age of 60. But more needs to be done to make buses and other transport accessible for older and disabled people, writes Abigail Nike Omolade from our Senior Citizens' Media Group

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Age discrimination: Rose's story

Age discrimination is rife today, especially in employment, writes Elizabeth Adimado from the Connect Hackney Senior Citizens' Media Group. She tells the story of shop worker "Rose" and demands action against ageism.

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Get to know... the Sharp End

Did you know Hackney has a healthy living centre offering a huge variety of fun and healthy activities for the over 50s? Janet Nickie from the Connect Hackney Senior Citizens' Media Group explains

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