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New project: do you look after someone with dementia?

11 May 2017

A new peer support service launched by City & Hackney Carers’ Centre aims to help people who are looking after someone with dementia.

The new project is funded by City & Hackney Dementia Alliance – and if you look after a partner or relative with dementia, it could help you.

“Mrs B” is a Hackney resident who has linked up with project volunteer Tanya. Mrs B cares full-time for her husband, Mr JB, who has advanced dementia. Looking after him means she has missed out on her social life and had to give up hobbies.

Now Tanya and Mrs B meet every week, going for a walk, having a chat over a coffee or even baking together – and Mr JB has enjoyed the cakes.

The relationship gives Mrs B friendship and support. Now she is hoping to get her confidence back, get involved with her hobbies again and get out of the house more.

If you look after someone with dementia, why not get in touch with the carers’ centre for more information. Phone Sarah on 020 8533 0951 or email

Photo credit: fPat Murray / flickr

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