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Going on a cruise

26 January 2017

Travel broadens the mind, says Hyacinth Wellington from the Senior Citizens’ Media Group.

I have just returned from a cruise. It is a wonderful way to spend the holidays, sightseeing and meeting people and watching the world go by. I am in my eighties and this gives me great enjoyment and makes me feel young again.

I went to Florida where I boarded the ship before we set off. I had a fabulous time and I visited several interesting islands. I passed through America and spent the night there. I then went to the Caribbean, visiting St Martin-St Maarten, St Thomas, Puerto Rico and Anguilla.

There are all sorts of activities on board the cruise ship. It has swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton courts and many more activities. In the evenings there is dancing, cabaret, bingo, buffets and you can trip the light fantastic as well as taking in a show at the theatre.

After we spent 10 days on the cruise we left the ship at Florida. I would recommend travelling on cruise ship to people in later life as travelling broadens the mind.


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