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Q&A with community researchers Pat and Anita

31 March 2017

Anita and Pat are voluteer community researchers with Connect Hackney, talking to other over 50s to get their views. In this Q&A they tell us why they got involved and how they enjoy volunteering.

Q: What do you do as community researchers?

Anita: We work around the idea of socialisation for people over 50, because they are more likely to be socially isolated.

Pat: We visit different projects together, like the Older People’s Reference Group or Hen Power, which is working with hens.

Anita: Holding them is very relaxing.

Pat: It’s very important that Connect Hackney keeps going, because we can reach even more people in Hackney, especially from black backgrounds and other minorities. Not all cultures are very outgoing and there are a lot of people at risk of isolation in Hackney.

Q: What do you enjoy the most when you gather get together with other volunteers?

Pat: We started having coffee mornings. I like it when we catch up and get to know what is going on.

Anita: The summer party is what I enjoy the most. There is karaoke, which I love. I usually join different walking groups, such as Shoreditch Walks. We go to different parks or walk at the canal.

Pat: I prefer a picture bingo. I don’t do walking because I don’t walk too fast. But there are different activities for different abilities. I went to chair exercises this morning.

Q: Why do you volunteer?

Anita: It’s good to meet other people, learn about their lives and help.

Pat: I do a lot of volunteering and I think it’s very important. I’m an extreme extrovert so I’m not frightened to say what I think. You shouldn’t be. If you are saying the truth no one should hurt you. I think I was born to share my experience with the community.

Anita and Pat

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